What we believe in

Social responsibility describes the way Cleanscapes is making a difference to the social and economic well-being of our communities through our work, our public events and our activities.

We strive to make a positive difference to the life and future of our locality by taking socially responsible decisions that have real, beneficial, measurable impacts on the people and the environment around us.

Creating opportunities for our local communities

We do this through:
Employing local labour. We support local employment and pay the minimum wage. Around 30% of our workforce live in properties that are owned or managed by our clients.
Resident workshops. We run these to assist residents who are looking to go back to work. We provide a variety of courses to them. These include work experience (up to four weeks), vocational work placements and job shadowing to provide people with an understanding of the role.

Creating better spaces for our local communities

We do this through:
Resident clean up days. We provide free labour and equipment to clean up their estates.
Community Investment Fund. Our clients provide us with their social fund to be used to improve their estates (with our help).
Books for children. We have written and published a children’s book to promote environmental awareness. We offer this free of charge to our residents.
Sponsorship. Consultation events, scheme events,awards ceremonies, raffles, away days for sheltered residents, coffee mornings, child care, even bouncy castles! We will try to support as many initiatives as we can if it helps our communities to benefit.

Creating a better world for everyone

We do this through:
ISO 14001. We are an ISO 14001 certified company; our environmental management program is deeply embedded in our culture.
Company fleet. All company vehicles are fitted with speed limiters and a Quartix Vehicle Tracking System to ensure economic running and best routes. The vehicles are low emission with start/stop technology and we also use electric and hybrid vehicles.
Pedal power. We encourage or staff to walk or cycles to the office.
Carbon offsetting. We offset some of our carbon footprint each year by donating to the Woodland Trust.
Local procurement. Where possible we always use small to medium enterprises that are local to us to ensure sustainable procurement.
Use of chemicals. We select chemicals that are effective but have a low impact on the environment.

Our Team… out there and taking action!

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